Why you should study JOURNALISM.

Once,it was said that knowledge is power. But time has changed.So does the world. Now we say that information is power. And if you want a career full of excitement and a desk full of various information;Journalism might be your choice to study.

The good thing about journalism is you’ll have various fields to work in. There is a consuetudes in our society and most importantly among our parents that the only thing a journalist has to do is to running around streets and collecting news. It’s not like that. This article is about what you can do being a journalist.
What is journalism and how does it works,this types of stuffs you will find everywhere on the internet. Here we will discuss about the opportunities.

People often get jobs related to their field of study after their Bachelor. But being a journalism student you can work on pert time jobs related journaism just after starting your bachelor. You see this world is a world of news,it’s not like that we sit to watch news on tv to have a idea about what is happening thesedays. There are thousands of online news portals,online newspapers on internet. They need recruits.They need people who understands what is it about,what to give to the editor. I observed many people work on newspapers who are not student of journalism. Then why they got the jobs? Because there are not much journalism students. But the portals have to publish things regularly. So if you are a student of journalism they will find you and get you a job. But the best part is you won’t have to just work on newspapers or news channels,you’ll have various of fields to work in;on the desk and off the desk.

Broadcast Journalism.
If you have a good personality,you are smart then mate you can go to top on this field. And people who are directly from journalism background have some real chance to get to a media house rather than those who are not from journalism. So being a student of journalism has it’s benefits.
You may work here if you have good communications skills,if you can talk to people.
Foreign Correspondent.
You could be a correspondent of your country to foreign news channels. And believe me they pay good.
Freelance Writing.
A journalist that works in print media often has a couple different choices when it comes to their work environments. Some choose to work as freelance journalists, writing news stories and submitting them in hopes of a newspaper or magazine buying them. A freelancer that contributes regularly to a particular newspaper or magazine is often referred to as a stringer. Other journalists work as staff writers and reporters.
Investigative Journalist.
You could be a investigative journlaist on both newspapres and news channels. But this job is tough to get,famous newspapers or channels only recruit the professonals here. So it’s better not to think about it earlier of career.
Newspaper Reporter.
Newspapers has to hire journalists to get news. And they preffers students of journalism.
If you can picture good photos then don’t be just a photographer; be a photojournalist. It sounds heavy.
Social Media.
we live in a world where social structure is everything;social media is THE thing. We live,eat,drink and sleep on social media sites like Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin or others like that. And nowadays online news portals are getting a good number of response. So if you want to build a career here you can.

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

Broadcast journalist
Editorial assistant
Magazine journalist
Newspaper journalist
Press sub-editor
Publishing copy-editor/proofreader

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

Advertising copywriter
Digital copywriter
Information officer
Market researcher
Multimedia specialist
Public relations officer


If anyone is worried about the salary then you take a look at these-

Median pay (annual): 37,720 USD (2015)
Median pay (hourly): 18.13 USD (2015)
Entry level education: Bachelor’s degree
Projected 10-year growth: -9% (2014)
Number of jobs: 54,400 (2014)

The last thing I want to say is journalism is not just a career or profession. It’s a way of living life. If you want to be journalist,Welcome to the world where you’ll find things which normal people don’t see.GOOD LUCK.


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