Humayun Ahmed. Name of love.

Humayun Ahmed.
My childhood, my teen age and my youth. This one name covers my entire life till now. I was not a guy to sit and read books patiently. I was very much agile. But one day I was bored,it was raining outside and I couldn’t go out to play cricket. I had nothing to do. I didn’t have computer at that time. I was in class 5 I guess. Then I saw a book. Butol voot (bottle ghost). That name seemed funny to me. I started to reading that book. When I finished It was 9 pm. I started at 4. My mother was astounded. She couldn’t believe that I am reading a book with that attention. After finishing the book I saw it’s writers name. HUMAYUN AHMED.

Humayun Ahmed was born on 13 November 1948 and died on 19 july 2012 at the age of 63. He wrote more than 200 books. He wasn’t just a writer. He was also a dramatist,screenwriter and a filmaker. He is the inventor of many fictional characters like Himu Misir Ali and Shuvro. These characters are not just characters but to some people these are the living things.

Humayun Ahmed was a student of University of Dhaka. His subject was Chemistry and later did his PHD from Dakota state university.

His fictional character Himu had a massive impect on the youths.You can’t find a single person who doesn’t want to be a Himu.

I spent my childhood thinking I am a Himu. Himu is a character that does various kinds of weird things like he never wear shoes or sandels and wears a yellow colour Panjabi all the time which doesn’t have pockets. At a time I began to act like some abnormal people just as Himu does.

Humayun Ahmed is not a name,it’s a feeling,it’s love,it’s something beyond words can describe.

Sir,wherever you are,be Happy.


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